Cognalysis MultiRate™ Predictably Powerful

Cognalysis MultiRate™ is a powerful predictive modeling tool tool for actuaries, analysts, and others whose jobs depend on understanding predictive relationships in their data.

Data Visualization

Cognalysis MultiRate™ displays informative graphics ranking the significance of the variables.

“Cognalysis is outperforming some of the most well-regarded machine learning techniques.”

Variable Gradient Geospatial Smoothing

Variable Gradient Geospatial Smoothing unleashes the predictive power of physical proximity. This method takes advantage of neighboring data points in a way that is more responsive where possible, yet more stable where necessary.

“We found that Cognalysis MultiRate provides a valuable non-distributional path to predictive analytics that’s technically sound and understandable. It supports our work and has shortened our implementation timeline.”
Jane Jasper-Krumrie, FCAS

Software Highlights

  • Powerful – Quickly identifies key predictive variables, separating noise from underlying relationships. Includes techniques for identifying interaction effects and refining, improving, and simplifying models automatically.
  • Easy to use – You do not need to be a statistician to get powerful, robust results with this software. For those that are already statisticians/data miners, add this powerful tool and compare the results to your other machine learning/GLM results.
  • Flexible – This tool can be applied in a wide variety of everyday analysis problems, and is capable of handling large numbers of variables. As you use the tool more, you will think of even more ways to use it.
  • Insurance applications:
    • Establishing/Adjusting Rates and Rating Models
    • Business Strategy
    • Investigating Case Reserve Adequacy Changes
    • Parameterizing an Individual Claim Life Cycle Model
    • Reserve Analysis Segmentation
    • Price Monitoring
    • Fraud Detection
    • Audit of Underwriters
    • Improving Marketing Efficiency
    • Understanding Differences Between Catastrophe Models
    • many more…

For more information on how you can use Cognalysis MultiRate™ for a wide variety of analytical problems, please contact Chris Gross at (651) 293-8008 or

“MultiRate’s multivariate analysis capabilities have helped us better understand the primary risk characteristics driving loss experience and create a powerful new predictive model. Going forward, we expect this tool to provide significant value in pricing and underwriting our accounts.”

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