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The CIR: Comprehensive Insurance Review

A Comprehensive Insurance Review from Cognalysis is the best way to gain valuable insight into how differences in claim development across different types of policies and claim characteristics affects your company uniquely. The CIR process utilizes our groundbreaking Cognalysis CLCM Software, along with years of subject matter expertise, which allows us to offer insight into your business that would not otherwise be revealed by the data.

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Why Cognalysis

Industry Expertise

Our team is home to industry leading experts with up to 30 years of industry experience. We have worked with companies around the world and understand problems from a global perspective.

State of the Art Software

We utilize Cognalysis™ Suite of Analytical Tools to get you the answers you need. Whether it be Predictive Modeling, Reserving, or a full Claim Life Cycle Model, we have the tools to get the job done.

Our Services

Pricing Models

Solid underwriting and accurate pricing models are the backbone of insurance profitability. Using our proprietary MultiRate™ and CLCM™ software to find sources of dramatic lift in your pricing portfolio, we can assist your company in building or enhancing its current pricing approach.

Catastrophe Management

Property insurers face a challenging and changing environment with regard to catastrophe management: We can help with dramatically changing catastrophe models and greater rating agency scrutiny, build simplified, rational pricing structures for catastrophic risk, and provide processes for accumulation management.

Strategic Analysis

Strategic and competitive analysis is focused on the attractiveness of a market segment as well as on the positioning of a company to compete effectively in that market segment.

Comprehensive Insurance Review

Addressing nearly every aspect of the operation, the CIR uncovers changes in exposure and development that are driving changes in profitability to reveal new strategies in pricing, reserving, and claims handling

Reserve Analysis

From evaluating current reserve positions, to estimating reserve ranges, sometimes what a carrier really needs is a third-party view of reserves. We use creative approaches to recognize changes in portfolio composition and claim development, including predictive models and the cutting-edge Claim Life Cycle Modeling (CLCM) approach.

Reserve Opinions

Because we approach the pricing and reserving disciplines with broader experienced and an enhanced toolset, our qualified actuaries can evaluate and opine on your reserves with unique insight and creativity.

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