The Musigma webinar series

2020-09: Practical Predictive Modeling for
New Modelers (and Their Managers)

September 3, 2020

Speaker: Bret Shroyer, cognalysis

The dividing line between Actuary and Data Scientist is being erased as more predictive modeling tools come into the mainstream of actuarial science. While actuaries shouldn’t feel obligated to stay current with the latest advances in predictive modeling and machine learning, every actuary should be aware of the basics of predictive modeling terminology, process, and best practices, and should be able to build and defend a simple predictive model.

This target market for this webinar is any actuary or actuarial student new to modeling, as well as the “more seasoned” actuaries who aren’t actively modeling, but managing or interacting with other staff who are.

Presentation Agenda:

  • What is Predictive Modeling?
  • Overview of modeling methods
  • How are predictive models used in P&C Insurance?
  • Predictive modeling best practices
  • Hands on: build a predictive model

At the conclusion of the video, we share a number of links to resources.  Those links are repeated below the video.

Predictive Modeling Tools for Hands On

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