About us


Based in St. Paul Minnesota, founded in 2005, Cognalysis provides creative actuarial solutions to the P&C insurance industry.

Our Cognalysis software gives actuaries and analysts unparalleled access to tools that extend and enhance traditional pricing and reserving approaches, and are used by leading P&C carriers, consultants, and brokers.

Why Cognalysis?

We understand that there are other consulting firms available to perform this type of work for you and your company.

When you need a consultant, consider the following advantages to using Cognalysis:

Strong Creativity Blended with Analytical Skill
Having the ability to understand complex problems is not enough. If you want solutions to problems, you also need creativity. We pride ourselves on the ability to approach a problem from numerous angles to provide a truly creative, well-reasoned analysis.
Transparency of Process

Cognalysis is committed not only to developing answers to questions, but also to providing clarity around how those answers were developed. Some firms may be afraid to show you ‘the machine’ for fear you will build your own. We would be happy to share all the information about how an analysis was performed, or build tools for you to do the same analysis in the future.

Ability to Cut Through Complexity to Key Issues

Complexity can cloud a question. Sometimes a complicated analysis is required to clarify the situation. In cases like this, once the key issues are understood, Cognalysis will find creative ways to simplify a complicated analysis to highlight them.

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.